Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Tiny homes are becoming quite popular in the Portland area. Many people are building them on top of trailers, and using them in their backyard, for a camping weekend, or moving completely off the grid in Montana where they see bears sometimes. Yikes!

Kaira West talked me into taking a peek at one of Portland’s iconic lodging spots, the Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel, so I could experience the local builders creative use of tiny space.

IMG_3202 (1)
Welcome to the Caravan!


The tiny house hotel is located on North East 11th and Alberta, and has six tiny homes were you can stay. Yes, all of these tiny houses have a flush toilet, a hot shower, electric heat, a tiny sitting area, and a tiny kitchen.

IMG_3186 (1)
Great rates!


Every tiny home also had a loft bed, and a regular sized bed. Most of the tiny hotel homes had a ladder going straight up to the top bunk, and you can’t have a fear of heights for going up or down!

No fear of heights for me!


My absolute favorite was the toilet with a handwashing sink station on the tank. So basically you are reusing your own water. What a great idea. Kaira did a great job of testing it out, and gave it the West seal of approval!

So clever!
It works so well, without taking up any extra space!

The nicest part about the tiny homes hotel was the feeling of community. There was a fire going with a rain canopy, chairs, live music, and everybody hanging around enjoying each other’s company. That is the true spirit of our community here in Portland.

Thank you Kaira, for getting me out to experience Portland’s culture, and my hat’s off to all you pioneers, who accept the tiny home living challenge!

IMG_3205 (1)


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