Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour – Part Two

Welcome back to my visit of Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit tour!

The seventh ADU was a nice detached structure, with a darling front porch. I did not get any pictures of the inside, as I ran into one of my former colleagues from Portland Community College, John. We had a great chat about 2 ADUs he had built himself, and his advice was using a detached structure is easiest.

The eighth ADU was also a detached unit. The exterior was painted in red, with yellow trim, and green plants in front. Absolutely lovely color combination. Inside felt awfully squished, a combination of too many people and too much stuff.

Beautiful exterior!

The ninth ADU was a small footprint above the garage, with a lovely floor and balcony. It was here where I had to make my stop for coffee. Although the bathroom was small, this unit felt spacious. Great job to Pablo Chauvin.

The 10th ADU was a basement conversion, and had nice high ceilings, and lovely large egress windows in the kitchen and in the bedroom.


The 11th ADU was also a basement conversion, and had a great kitchen with a peninsula bar, one of my favorite kitchen features. Outside landscaping on this was nice as well, very calming and peaceful. This ADU had the most interesting floor lamp I have ever seen, adding beautiful light to the bedroom.

The 12th and final ADU was a beautiful blend of reclaimed materials with new materials. It was detached new construction, and in the lower level was an art studio, and the upper level was a beautiful open space with high ceilings, one bedroom with living space, the kitchen, and a darling family room loft area. Luckily, I was able to snap pictures before running into another one of my former colleagues at PCC, Sarah, best Spanish teacher ever. Good luck Sarah, on your own ADU dream.

Reflecting on the tour in whole, it was nice to see a mixture of reclaimed materials blended with new materials. I am impressed with the ingenuity of our community here in Portland, looking for healthy ways to utilize the space that we already occupy. Although the cost per unit was substantial, the average being $150,000, I can see that this sort of investment will pay back over time, and in the meantime will be able to house and many people already living here. Congrats to all you ADU owners, you give us ADU dreamers something to aspire to and plan for.

Cheers! What a fun and informative tour!

While Jack and Ellie loved being part of the tour, they were happiest to be back home, lounging on the carpet. Thanks Kaira, for getting me out on the tour! What a rich experience.

Dog tired!

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