NW Natural Street of Dreams: SUTEKI

For our final post in the 2017 NW Natural Street of Dreams series, I’d like to welcome my assistant Laura to talk about our experience in house number 5,  SUTEKI. Enjoy!

Photo Credit Stephanie Yao Long, Oregonlive.com

What can I say about SUTEKI? This home is amazing! Like Caralee mentioned in the first post of this series, this house was “the only home that brought peace to me when I went inside.”

We walked in the large (10 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide) Japanese Cedar door. Its magnificent size is only shadowed by the beauty of its design—it is a spectacular sight! The wood features on the door are mirrored in the accent wall lining the entrance into the kitchen. The artfully arranged accent wall was made from actual wood fragments remaining from the construction of the 2020 Olympic stadium in Tokyo. It is so beautiful!


Our next stop was the intuitive kitchen. I loved the built-in coffee maker, and the hidden dishwasher was very cool! Caralee demonstrates how to open it in this video.

IMG_7489 (1)


Retracting the 14-foot-tall windows opens the great room to the relaxing outdoor space. The long wooden deck that travels along the length of the home is called engawa. Seen in traditional Japanese homes, the engawa is covered by deep eaves called hisashi and is never fully open or fully enclosed. The engawa provides the perfect place to enjoy the yard, which was landscaped by Portland Japanese Garden’s Sadafumi Uchiyama. The levels of the engawa are perfectly even with the indoor walkway leading to the master suite, making the floor-to-ceiling windows between them seem to disappear.

The master suite’s beautiful minimalist style creates a calming style perfect for a restful sleep. To ensure that all of your electronics are ready for the day when you rise in the morning, the bed has a built-in charging station. The master bathroom features a stunning glass-enclosed shower across from a floating double-sink vanity, creating more openness to highlight the home’s simple elegance.

The second floor would be the dream of any houseguest—it hosts two guest bedrooms, a lovely entertainment room, and an observation room overlooking the trees and lush garden.

The guest bathroom has a soothing natural stone shower floor that I have rarely seen finished to such elegance. The sink’s countertop has the same bevel used throughout the home, a trait that continued the elegant natural flow.

As we made our way out to the garage, the floor caught my eye. It’s a Stonecarpet, made from quartz. It felt good on my feet and looks amazing!


Suteki America built my favorite home, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this creative company.


I can’t thank Caralee enough for bringing me to the 2017 NW Natural Street of Dreams! It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed touring all of the beautiful homes. If you were able to make it to Happy Valley to tour the homes, we’d love to hear your experiences and impressions! Please leave a comment below.


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