NW Natural Street of Dreams: The Elysian

The NW Natural Street of Dreams house number four, The Elysian, most certainly has the feel of a modern farmhouse. When my amazing assistant, Laura, and I walked up the steps to the covered front porch and main entrance, I felt transported back to the days of my childhood, with long summer evenings on the front porch that overlooked the family farm.

Photo Credit http://www.streetofdreamspdx.com

Inside we were in for a special treat, as the hostess for the afternoon was none other than the fantastic realtor, AnnaMarie Davault . AnnaMarie invited us in and gave us the highlights of the house, including the incredible commercial kitchen and expansive outdoor living area.

The best part about the inside kitchen and the outside kitchen was that they were connected by a huge pass-through window. I could imagine sending the steaks through the window to my honey, so he could grill outside while I kept my kitchen clean. Absolutely perfect for team cooking.

My other unquestionably favorite part of the house was the west-facing master, with access to the back patio. I could imagine relaxing in that master bedroom, watching the sun set, with the fresh breeze on my face.


The bathroom off the master was absolutely amazing and also had west facing windows at the tub, and fancy mirrors that look like safety pins. The only awkward design in the house was in that bathroom–it would be embarrassing to use the toilet if you had guests outside, as the window faced the patio. Yes, you could see in from the outside, we tested it, and I guess if I’m being gracious, curtains would be an easy solution.

I dedicate this modern farmhouse to all dedicated team cooks, and sun-loving lounge lizards!

Congrats to the amazing builders,  Red Hills Construction. You built a truly elegant, modern, yet homey farmhouse.



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