NW Natural Street of Dreams: The Barclay

On our tour of the NW Natural Street of Dreams, the second house that we visited was  The Barclay, a mid-century modern style home. This is definitely the bachelor pad of the group. My super-amazing assistant Laura and I walked past the delightfully landscaped stream and into the house, then we entered into the study. It had a great masculine feel with a wall of metal-framed windows and darker wall finishes, a motif that continues through the whole house.


The kitchen had a great open feel, with plenty of storage and cooking space accompanied by the natural light coming from three large skylights. The counter dividing the kitchen from the great room has a huge glass floating bar that immediately made me want to order a tequila with lime and salt—or at least a seltzer with lime. I think Laura would have had a pinot noir. Ahhh.


Just past the kitchen, the retractable walls opened to welcome us to a lovely outdoor living and dining area, complete with a deluxe grilling station and fire pit. BC Custom Construction Inc., thought of the smallest touches, which even included station chargers, perfect for the modernist in all of us.

While the master bedroom was big and comfortable, with a built-in corner bench on the southwest wall, the master bathroom really made us swoon. Big and airy, it featured soothingly heated floors, a walk-in closet, a double shower, a bathtub and double sinks. It was so large and comfortable, at least fifteen people were in there, hanging out and having completely normal conversations, not really wanting to move on. It was so lovely.


The two guest bedrooms were thoughtfully located on the opposite side of the house from the master suite. Each bedroom has its own bathroom to give guests complete privacy. Due to the convenient design, each bedroom opened into a short hall that guided the guest toward the beautiful glass atrium. Such a treat!


After we saw the guest rooms, we made our way towards the garage. En route, we saw the atrium, a lovely garden area with a fountain, and the late-afternoon sun was streaming through the whole scene—it was absolutely magical! The fountain itself might have been a bit over the top, as the water coming out looked much too red for our taste. But it was a lovely feature nonetheless.


Congrats to BC Custom Construction Inc., for building a beautiful, yet totally functional home. I dedicate this gorgeous, one-level ranch on steroids, to all the bachelors I know—y’all would be living the dream in this home!



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