2017 NW Natural Street of Dreams

The 2017 NW Natural Street of Dreams has finally arrived, and I attended the Realtor Day on Monday afternoon. My amazing assistant Laura and I took some time to swing by and tour the five brand-new homes. Luckily, Laura is a big fan of the decorating TV shows and loves the details of the homes. If I had been by myself, I might’ve missed the artfully placed tobacco baskets, the penny tile in the shower, and even the big round clock in the open stairway – a la Fixer Upper on HGTV.

The overall feeling of each home was inviting and ready for entertaining. All of the homes had open floor plans that were ready to host events of all sizes, the decor featured lighter hues, and the expansive outdoor living space of each home was beautifully geared toward both sunshine and rain.


After touring all of the houses, I can easily pick the one that stood apart from all of the rest. The Japanese-influenced Suteki was the only home that brought peace to me when I went inside. We entered through an enormous door and proceed past an artfully arranged accent wall. The wall was made from actual wood fragments remaining from the construction of the the 2020 Olympic stadium in Tokyo. The flow of the home led us into an open kitchen, dining, and living floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows. It was hard to know where to look because everything was interesting. By the time we walked out to the covered wraparound deck, Laura and I had decided we could probably move in.


I will be focusing on the incredible features of the all of the homes in my next blog posts. Please subscribe below to receive new posts as they are published. The 2017 NW Natural Street of Dreams is open until Sunday, August 27. Take a couple of hours and enjoy some design inspiration!



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